Audio Visual Equipment Singapore

Do you want to make an impact at your next event?

We have just the products for that unforgettable experience you’re aiming for.

In fact, most of our audio-visual equipment is suited for many clients in Singapore across industries ranging from education to events.

Our expertise in dealing with multiple industries makes I-Weblogic the go-to supplier for all your audio-visual solutions.

Maximise your Next Singapore Event Space

Are you looking to change up the look of an event space with minimal work?

Our audio-visual products are guaranteed to create those unforgettable experiences you’re looking for.

We have a range of products to suit all the needs of your event.

Wow your guests with our high-tech video walls and immersive, high-quality speakers!

And the best part is: we have years of experience that allows us to provide you with professional advice when designing audio-visual solutions that work for you.

Contact I-Weblogic today for your next successful event!

Powerful Audio-Visual Presentations Solutions

I-Weblogic is the best supplier for all your presentation needs!

We account for all the factors of lecture halls or conference meetings to tailor a solution that works uniquely for you.

For example, a lecture hall would require high-quality projectors to provide vivid images even when the lights are turned on.

It would also require higher resolution to ensure that the images remain sharp from the front row to the back row.

Meanwhile, for mobile presenters and at-home offices, I-Weblogic would recommend tabletop displays with smaller and more portable projectors.

This would allow people with less space to carry out presentations without sacrificing efficiency.

Shop Audio-Visual Equipment & Accessories

Events and presentations may require certain accessories that you might overlook.

I-Weblogic will account for all your needs to create your goal.

We ensure that you will keep your audience captivated regardless of the equipment you purchase.

Check out our brilliant picks for all the components you’ll need for your next presentation.

TV & Video Wall

Attract more customers in a cost-friendly but effective way!

Having a video wall playing in front of your retail shop is a low maintenance, high impact way to present information about your business.

Contact us today for updates on our latest model and which design suits you best!