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I-Weblogic provides futuristic tech to the Singapore market with the security features and latest software you’ve only ever dreamed of.

We believe that it’s time for us to address the security requirements of our office and corporate clients in Singapore.

Did you think a PIN password for your office door was high-tech?

Think again!

I-Weblogic provides our users with state-of-the-art door access systems that were previously only available to the elite.

Take a look at our range of keyless door access control systems:

  • ID card access system
  • Fingerprint reader door access system
  • Face recognition access control system

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Benefits of Biometric Access Control Systems in Singapore

There are a variety of reasons why offices need to switch to a high-tech door access system.

It’s time to revolutionise the way offices in Singapore work!

Stay Updated on Employee Attendance

Say goodbye to the hassle of having office employees punch in and out!

A biometric door access system allows you to easily stay updated on the whereabouts of your employees at the glance of your device.

Offices can use a time attendance system to properly and efficiently track employee attendance, total working hours, and overtime without having to make manual calculations.

Plus, did you know that our newest fingerprint reader and time attendance systems incorporate biometric and RFID/MIFARE card access systems for verification?

This means that users will have a convenient time switching to a newer door access control system due to the easy navigation software.

All while technologically advancing the security for your office.

Have Total Access Control Over Users

The high-tech and diverse capabilities of a door access system mean that it only allows authorised personnel to enter your premises.

That’s right, that means you have full access to the people that can enter your office with just a few taps of your finger.

Unauthorised people will definitely have a hard time entering your office with biometric door access systems in place!

Furthermore, implementing an access control system also may provide information on who entered your office and at what time.

100% Protected Security Solution

To give our users total peace of mind, our door access control systems have a variety of physical features and cybersecurity measures.

I-Weblogic has always taken the safety of our clients very seriously.

This extends to our curated selection of brands we provide for your door access control solutions.

  • For interaction with third-party card readers and door controllers, our door access systems allow Wiegand Input/Output connectivity.
  • New models contain a USB flash drive interface in addition to normal communication protocols, which is important for data transfer in the event of a connection failure.
  • Access readers are equipped with the proper alarm system standards, NO and NC, for absolute security.
  • Our door access system triggers different alarms in the event of a break-in, door ajar, or unlawful destruction of readers.
  • The solid and robust structure of our door access control system ensures that it is weatherproof.
  • Door access control system readers can be used in conjunction with robust Windows applications for data administration and reporting.

Types of Door Access Systems Readers in Singapore

I-Weblogic provides a variety of door access control systems for all of your office and industrial needs.

But first, let us explain why a keypad reader is no longer efficient in our modern Singapore society.

Keypad Reader

A keycard has a chip that can be programmed to allow admission.

Both keycard and PIN access are possible with a keypad reader.

If there is a match, the door opens for you when you press the keycard on the scanner. Similarly, if the keycard you gave has no record in the system, the doors will remain shut.

This isn’t the best security solution anymore as keycards can be easily misplaced or passed to an unauthorised individual.

I-Weblogic believes that your office deserves better security than that!

Take a look at the highly advanced biometric door access system readers we provide.

Fingerprint Reader

One of the easiest ways to improve convenience and security is with a fingerprint door access system.

When a person places a certain finger on the reader, it scans it and compares it to a previously stored sample.

The door opens if the fingerprint matches the data. Otherwise, the door will remain shut.

Fingerprint Reader

Face Recognition Reader

Looking for biometric door access that’s a few levels higher?

A face recognition door access control system does a multi-dimensional scan of your face and saves a profile-specific algorithm.

To get entrance to the premises, you must first stand in front of the CCTV camera.

A door access system with face capacity has a number of advantages over a fingerprint scanner.

  • The facial reader does not require any physical contact, unlike a fingerprint reader. As a result, you won’t get dirty prints on the facial reader.
  • Thus, it’s easier to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of the facial reader.
  • It is also substantially more secure as facial data is harder to forge than fingerprints or keycards

A touchless security system is also better for your safety during Covid-19. With fewer people touching the system, there’ll be less chance for transmission!

Face Recognition Reader

Other than biometric readers, we also provide other access systems, such as:

Card Reader

Card access systems, unlike keypad readers, scan and read a card to obtain access.

However, you’re in bad luck if you forgot to carry your card: a card reader does not include a pin feature!

This reader is most suited for use in an environments with a high level of vandalism, as it provides consistent performance.

It also uses less power supply and is more affordable.

It’s perfect for parking control and applications that require a long read range.

Intercom System

Through the intercom answering station, your receptionist can communicate with visitors outside the office.

The receptionist uses their phone, which is connected to a PABX system, to hit the door release button after the guest has been verified.

You can unlock the magnetic door lock in this manner, allowing visitors into the office.

Intercom System

Shop Biometric Door Access Control System for Your Office in Singapore

I-Weblogic takes pride in staying updated on security technology to provide the greatest products and advice to our clients.

We provide the Singapore market with cutting-edge biometric control technology such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanners, which were previously only available in movies and multi-million dollar businesses.

Integrating our fingerprint door access into everyday companies will help your Singapore-based company meet all of its monitoring, security, and time-keeping needs.

We want to assist you in satisfying your security demands while also giving you the benefit of becoming keyless.

We also offer a no-obligation evaluation during which we may go over the many alternatives, such as scanner and reader systems to discover a solution that meets your needs.

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