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Looking for an efficient way to handle access control without hiring a whole security team?

If you need to regulate payment and prevent unauthorized entry, I-Weblogic has your security needs covered. From CCTV to biometric access control, and now turnstile gate systems, we can help you manage crowds and maintain safety in Singapore.

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Key Benefits of Turnstile Gates

Turnstile Gates

Turnstile doors are an efficient method of pedestrian entrance control. A variety of high-tech security turnstiles with access control can be seen in Singapore’s bustling Central Business District (CBD) regions, where high human traffic enters and exits the building entrance on a daily basis.

As a result, most businesses have made guaranteeing building safety and security a top priority.

Secure Turnstile Gate with Integrated Access Control

Your security turnstiles can be customised to perform specific access control authentications. In order for visitors or employees to gain access, they must have the required credentials. This can be in the form of a ticket, smart card, QR code, or even fingerprint!

Reliable Security Even In Unmanned Spaces

If an entrance, passage or outdoor settings are unmanned, the easiest way to ensure high-security access control of human movement is with a turnstile gate. If the person entering doesn’t have the credentials required to enter the space, the turnstile doors will automatically restrict access.

Prevent Workplace Violence

Security turnstiles can help guarantee that everyone entering the building is permitted and has a genuine cause to do so. Thus, there will be a reduced likelihood of workplace violence threats infiltrating a company and endangering employees’ safety.

Shop Security Turnstile System Singapore

For over a decade, I-Weblogic has been committed to helping you meet your safety needs, no matter the time, costs or challenge. We have a wide range of turnstile models to suit your specific needs:

  • Half-Height Turnstile
  • Full-Height Turnstile
  • Tripod Turnstile
  • Optical Turnstile
Turnstile System Singapore

For maximum security, select the full height turnstiles. This enclosed cage-style stainless steel turnstile may be controlled with any number of entry options. We can install biometric readers, such as fingerprint scanners and facial recognition technology that turn the turnstiles on their own.

There’s also the classic, cross-functional tripod turnstile! They are commonly installed at convention centres, museums and outdoor settings like theme parks and recreational centres. This is because they are able to direct one-way traffic in high volume and abusive conditions. Furthermore, the compact unit makes it simple to construct a multilane setup for any passage.

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